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Near Earth objects : 01.01.2019.

This section displays the names of the asteroids that passed by the Earth in a specific time period. In the table, you can see the quantity of the asteroid, their names and were they a threat to us or not.
Those marked with the value false, present no threat to the Earth and are probably too small to inflict any significant damage. Those marked with the value true, are big enough to inflict the damage that would impact us on a global scale and probably put humankind in serious danger.
However, such asteroids, even though they are marked with the value true, will not necessarily be on a collision course to Earth.

Disclaimer : This feature will be developed further, this is merely a testing version where the time period is defined beforehand. In the future, the visitor of this page will be able to enter a time period in which he/she wants to search for the near Earth objects and will be given much detailed information. Thank you for your understanding.